Saturday, April 14

the Driver

Dashing out of the house and into the garage, I had one of those "awww, man!" moments when I opened the driver's side door of the car.  Totally forgotten that my husband had used the car the night before, the driver's seat was in the opposite location that it was normally set in for me.  He's tall.  I'm not.  

Knowing my time was limited because of a meeting, I jumped into the seat quickly, hit the button to move the seat from his way back position to my way front position, and backed the car of the garage.  As I slowly drove down the driveway, the additional seat tweaking was done so my seat felt more back into position before I hit the road.  Only a minor adjustment needed to be done when I arrived at a stoplight.  Ahhhhh, now THAT feels more like normal.

As I thought about the whole seat moving thing, it struck me that my life was suddenly feeling much the same.    

One moment life is fine.  The next moment you realize someone has moved the seat.  Big time.  And you need to get your mind wrapped around it quickly so you can adjust in the seat you've been placed in because life isn't going to slow down while you try to figure it all out. Tweaking a bit more as you go along until things feel a bit more normal.  

It's that moment of realization that you really aren't in the driver's seat.  Never have been.  God is.  He's driving.  He's in control.  You just have to adjust yourself to see where He's taking you.  Trust.  Obey.  Move forward.  Knowing what the final destination is makes it all a bit better.

Yup, life's quite a journey at times, isn't it?

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Amanda said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

mom said...

Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment! It's always an encouragement! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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