Tuesday, April 3

practical practice

It's so nice to be given opportunities to practice God's Word, isn't it?

Our current sermon series at church is on some well known verses about love found in First Corinthians 13:4-8.  We covered patience a couple weeks ago and kindness this past week with the challenge of practical application each week. You'd think that such character traits would be no-brainer kind of things to live out, but you don't see them widely practiced in society today.  We live in a world that has become *instant* and people don't have much patience for anything these days. Especially in a world that also revolves around *me*.   And it does seem that if you aren't being patient about life, chances are you also aren't being kind.  

Enter a phone line and internet line that has been acting up for a few days.  It comes and goes.  One moment you answer the phone - when the caller ID shows a real person that you know instead of an unknown caller who is most likely from a political campaign - and the line is clear.  The next moment you answer the phone and the call is fuzzy and filled with static.  Seems to correspond with our internet that goes in and out in a totally unreliable manner as you try to keep up with email and scrabble games.  

When it was decided that this problem wasn't going to clear up on its own,  I called our service provider last night.  I was on *hold* for extended periods of time as I was transferred to this person and that person re-explaining what was happening. Finally spoke to a person who could help and who scheduled a possible time for an actual person to physically come and check our line as there seemed to be an actual problem with it after their line testing.  The phone connection was terrible, but I confirmed with him the date and possible time of service.  

Once off the phone, I passed on the information to the youth of our home who were frustrated with being unable to get online to use the computer and netflix.  They could not believe that we will have to wait a couple days before someone checks our service. They could also not believe how graciously I had handled going through customer service without getting flustered or impatient or mad or giving them a piece of my mind.  

Ahhhh, an ideal teaching opportunity as I reminded them of our current sermon series at church that had just covered patience and kindness with the challenge to live it out.  It is only by the grace of God and with His strength that you can live out His Word.  But you need a heart that wants to live it out.  That wants to be obedient. That puts others before self. That wants to give Him glory.  Those are the kind of hearts that can change the world for Christ!

And it happens reaching out patiently and kindly to one tired overworked customer service person at a time.

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