Friday, May 4

count to seven

Only seven seconds.

That is how long it typically takes people to settle on their first impression upon meeting someone.  

During those seven seconds very little of that impression has to do with what words are spoken but how they are spoken (tone and inflection) and the body language that comes with them.  Is there a kindness to your voice?  A sincerity in the greeting?  A warmth in your smile?  A connecting of your eyes?

Isn't it interesting though that as people are preparing to meet someone new they are more concerned about what they are going to wear or what they are going to say?  None of that will possibly even be remembered by the person or people they are about to meet if there is a genuine interest expressed in those brief moments. Whether your hair looks good or you are wearing your favorite shirt will not make a difference when a person senses you have a true desire to connect as your caring spirit is what will be remembered.  

Only seven seconds for someone to sense whether there is a heartfelt friendliness or a forced pretense.  

So before you meet someone new or will be in a situation with lots of people you don't know, check your heart attitude before the Lord.  It's His love which will shine in the tone of your words and how your body eases as you meet and greet each person He places across your path.  

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Amanda said...

That is such a good reminder! When we approach people with love, all the other little things are just that, little. People aren't going to remember my fly-away hair. They're going to remember that I showed love in what I said and did. Love it!

mom said...

Exactly, Amanda!

Tammy ~@~

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