Wednesday, May 30

dare to bank

Still recovering from the long weekend, so passing on a challenging quote I read this morning:

"We act like pagans in a crisis, only one out of a crowd is daring enough to bank his faith in the character of God." ~ Oswald Chambers

We tend to react to situations in life with common and see what happens when you take a step - or LEAP - of faith trusting God!

Tammy ~@~


*My Butterfly Haus* said...

Love your blog!! Its so inspirational! I'm a new follower and too a Child of God. I am brand new to blogging for encouraging Godly and virtuous women at

Hope you stop by! Have a blessed day!

The Prude said...

So true. Sometimes 'faith like a grain of mustard seed' would be a step up for me. But as my pastor likes to remind us, "Jesus died for that sin too."

mom said...

Thanks for stopping, Elizabeth! May you enjoy your new journey of blogging - you have a great start! :-)

Yup yup, Anita. Sin comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn't it, and fortunately Jesus died for it ALL!

Tammy ~@~

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