Tuesday, May 22

Grammy's Flower Garden

During the last Bloggers' Quilt Festival in the fall of 2011 I didn't have a quilt made and ready.  This Bloggers' Quilt Festival I had one in progress, but had to work hard to finish it in time. Before I show you pictures, can I share that this event gets hundreds of quilters posting their amazing quilts and stories AND you really don't want to miss it.  Visit Amy at Amy's Creative Side at her Bloggers Quilt Festival link

Of course, I should say that this event stalled out my current quilt for a long time.  The quilters who enter the festival are simply amazing talented creative wonderful quilters.  So, I decided I wanted to get real creative with the baby quilt for my granddaughter.  I started cutting pieces for one quilt, gave up on that one, then cut pieces for the second quilt gave up on that one - both quilts  never got much further than minimal sewing.  Too complicated and time consuming.  I put the whole quilt project aside.  The reality is....I'm not a fancy quilter.  I learned basic quilting from my grandma and mom always wanting to someday take a class, but time was never on my side for such an adventure.

Then when Randi was busy playing with her little granny squares in February, I was inspired again.  Simple plain square blocks.  I knew I could avoid those triangles that she had and go straight up. Besides, I wanted a quilt that wouldn't be too fancy to NOT be used and really wanted my granddaughter to love it wherever she'd take it.  So these beginnings:
turned into this quilt:
I'm calling it Grammy's Flower Garden.  
Made out of "grammy" squares with the same yellow in the center of each block. 
Each block has a pink flower with either blue, purple, or orange as the extra petals.  The corners of each block have a different green leaf. 
I handquilted the strips and binding with a handful of bowties thrown in. This was a great way to use up a variety of flowered fabrics - can you say scraps? - for a simple quilt. 
I picked a pinky flowery backing to tie in my flower theme.  
And I needed to update the quilt's back patch since I had originally begun the quilt ideas in 2008 when this granddaughter was born.  
Now it's dated properly.  

Whew!  Now I need to work on a grandson's baby quilt and then start on the quilt for the expected new grandbaby who is due in November.  A quilter's work is never done!

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Lonci said...

I like this, very much spectacular:))

CitricSugar said...

Very sweet!

Quilt+Bitch said...

Very nice. It looks so yummy that I just want to eat it. Congratulations on finishing it, sometimes a quilt just takes a little bit longer to finish, but that's what quilting is all about. Starts and finishes.

Amanda said...

Love it! Great job. :)

The Prude said...

My favorite kind of quilt. I love it.
Make sure you post photos of the up and coming quilts!

Kimmie said...

It is very pretty. I love the little extras you added into each little square.

I've been taking a quilt a square a month class (well I do 3 each month)..It has been challenging, because honestly my sewing skills aren't that great. But each month we learn a new pattern and I am amazed at what we've done in 5 months already!!

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