Thursday, May 17

reach out your hand in prayer

Seems it's just about every day of the week that I don't want to read or hear the national or world news anymore. There isn't a whole lot that is encouraging, you know? Selfishness and sin seem to be the root of each news story and believers in Christ aren't immune.

One sentence from my devotional this morning gave me the encouragement I needed for the day - "Let us believe that when God's people reach out their hands to each other in spirit, there will be power to resist the terrible influence that the world can exert. ~ Andrew Murray

Yes, we all need to live in this world, but we don't have to look like this world.  As we live our lives for Christ others will notice the difference not in a way that repels, but in a way that makes them wonder what makes you different in a positive way.  

Can you do it by yourself?  Yup.  But it sure is a whole lot easier when you have other believers around you to offer support and encouragement to walk in obedience to Christ and to walk in the joy and peace that comes from Him.

Whether near or far, we can always tap into the power of PRAYER for other believers as we pray for the strength to resist what the world has to offer in order to follow Him wholeheartedly.  That is how the world will see God's love in action!

Praying for YOU today!

Tammy ~@~


Amanda said...

That's the message of the study my women's group at church is doing. "Living Like You Belong to God" by Kay Arthur looks at how we can show the world in a positive way that we belong to Him.

mom said...

Sounds excellent, Amanda! Kay Arthur writes such good and challenging Bible study...I always learn so much from her teaching.

Tammy ~@~

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