Wednesday, May 9

seeing progressively

A sign of the times.....changing eyes.

After fighting with it for quite awhile, I finally admitted defeat and went in for an eye exam knowing what was coming.  With changes both in distance and close-up vision, welcome to my world progressive lenses. Although initially it was a challenge, I'm learning to find the sweet spots in my glasses more often now to get the clarity to see well. Unfortunately though there does seem to be a problem with the distance vision as it's just not as sharp or clear as it should be and I'm headed back to the doctor tomorrow for a re-check to see if there needs to be a correction.  

It's kind of like life as you grow older.  There's a lot of challenges until you learn to find the sweet spots where there's clarity and contentment.  And sometimes your future vision isn't as sharp or clear as you'd like it to be, so you need to get back into God's Word for a consultation from the Great Physician.  Sometimes you need to make corrections in your own life to put things into proper perspective.  It's a progression of spiritual growth that takes a lifetime of trusting Him for each step.  

May you delight in each step as you walk by faith this day!

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randi--i have to say said...

I am next! My vision has gotten worse over the last year and I need to go into the doctor. Just procrastinating because I don't want to spend the $! So silly!

mom said...

Oh yes......the cost of those glasses could be a whole 'nother post (which is another reason why I procrastinated so long :::sigh:::), but I don't want to be the reason my blog readers faint at their desks so I will not shock you.

Tammy ~@~

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