Tuesday, May 1

spring fullness

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof....."       ~ Psalm 24:1

My favorite season - spring!  My favorite spring flower - lily of the valley!  And the reminder that the earth is indeed the Lord's as it springs full of new life during the season of spring.  

Happy May!

Tammy ~@~ 


LaughingLady said...

Happy May to you, too!!!

I wish I shared your enthusiasm and love for planting and gardening. I WANT to love it; I just DON'T!! Any advice on how to cultivate and grow that??

mom said...

Good question! I guess my question back would be what is it about planting and gardening you don't enjoy? Perhaps you need to delegate or share that part with someone else and focus on the part that you do enjoy?

Tammy ~@~

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