Monday, May 21

a stitch for a thought

May is traditionally a busy time.  Seems more so this year. My husband has been busy with work (praise God!).  Son home from college.  Son about to graduate from high school.  Finishing up everyone's schooling for the year. Fundraising events for the ministry I'm involved with as well as meetings and trainings.  Yard work to be completed.  

And a quilt.

Can't give too much away at this time since the recipient's mama may see too much.  All those blocks have been sewn together into a quilt top which is on my quilt frame almost completed.  Hope to finish the quilting today so I can hem it, then send it.  Ahhhh, how I enjoy doing this!

What's strange about this spring though is my seeds are bought and the garden is tilled, but my desire to get out there and plant is missing.  I look out there, I smile at the neat furrows of dirt, and I turn to do something else.  I don't remember this happening ever before.  I mean, there's been years when we had new babies or weddings or whatever that I considered not putting a garden in.  During those times there was a strong desire to have a garden;  the lack of time was the factor. 

This year I can make the time, but the strong desire is gone.  

Maybe it's the making the time that is the problem. Gardens take a LOT of time.  There's planting, weeding, thinning, watering, harvesting that takes place over about the four month period and our garden is fairly large.  My family is growing up and the four oldest at home will all have jobs that will take most of their weekdays throughout the summer.  That leaves me and my almost nine year old daughter for garden tending.  Do I really want to take my "free" time at home to garden?

Because life has changed.  My life has transitioned over the last few years to nurturing relationships.  Lots of relationships.  Family.  Friends.  Ministry volunteers. Complete strangers.  And relationships take time.  Time to connect.  Time to listen.  Time to encourage.  Time to love.  

Gardens need time, too, to be nurtured into growing a bountiful harvest.  

And yet, I keep getting pulled back to how the time spent in my garden always nurtures me.  It's my quiet time outdoors.  I can think, pray, and get some sunshine.  It refreshes, recharges, and renews.  It's those very things that help me to nurture others.

Hmmm, I think I'll ponder this a stitch at a time today as I glance above the quilt at my garden outside the window....

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