Friday, June 1


What a wonderful reminder for the month of June - "Behold, I make all things new." ~ Revelation 21:5

Whenever I hear the word behold, it always feels like it should be said with emphasis and the words  HARK!  PAY ATTENTION!  LOOK!  FOCUS! IMPORTANT! NOTE!


This verse comes at the end of the Bible in the chapter where God revealed the new heaven and new earth and new Jerusalem.  It also says that God will wipe away every tear and death will be no more.  Neither will there be crying or pain. Those are all big important pay attention noteworthy things, don't you think? 


God will make all things new!  Can you imagine that day?

Until then....I'm going to enjoy this season of so many new things growing and changing as well as some new activities coming across my path.  May each of those things keep my heart praising and thanking as I remember my Creator who makes all things new!

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