Saturday, June 30

lingering a bit

"One of the attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Ahhhh, one of my wild roses!  In their beautiful reserve as buds, there is the anticipation of the most wonderful scent ever once they open.  When that happens I will make sure I walk past them every time I go outdoors to catch a sniff or two of their fragrance.  

It's kind of how the last day of June feels to me.  I just want to linger and enjoy this day knowing that as soon as the calendar page turns the remaining summer days will be like running a 50 yard dash - short and quick.  

May you, too, enjoy this last day of June in your garden!(And I do plan to spend the entire day working in my garden doing some thinning, weeding, hoeing, tilling, and watering....that is a heaven on earth task for me!)

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