Friday, June 29

the rhythm of random

Life this summer has been like living in a patch of clover randomness as I keep looking for that four-leaf clover of a perfect schedule.  

After about six weeks of trying to get the rhythm of this summer, I've realized that randomness is the rhythm.  No day will be the same.  Although my main schedule hasn't changed, my children's schedules seem to change daily.  

*The oldest at home works for my husband and that schedule changes daily depending upon the work that comes in.  This son has a special girl who lives in another state so his travels there or her travels here tend to alter our schedule.

*The next oldest at home also works for my husband, so he has that same schedule that may change daily.  He has an additional job helping at a catering company so the wedding schedule of the summer also stretches his hours.

*The oldest daughter is enjoying her first job this summer working at an executive retreat center and her schedule also varies from week to week.  She's also been going through three weeks of drivers education classes held at the high school.  

*The next daughter down is busy throughout the week alternating babysitting for two different families.  When she's not busy babysitting, she's alternating between our house and her best friend's house.

*Little diddle's schedule changes almost daily.   It's been a challenge with everyone coming and going figuring out where she will come and go.  Never thought I'd end up being so close to finding a babysitter for the youngest since the four older ones would be too busy or not at home to keep an eye on her for the couple of days that I'm working.  

Because that is what our summer has been like.  Everyone coming and going.  My taxi service is alive and well as there's always someone who needs to go there or someone who needs to be picked up to come home.  Meal making is hard since plans change and we may end up with everyone home or no one at home.  Keeping chores current around here has been impossible and I'm usually the one doing the daily dishes.  I've also mowed the lawn three times this summer after not mowing it for years since my lawnmowing kids haven't been around to do it.  My poor garden only has myself and my littlest tending to it this summer.

And yet...random feels regular right now.  

I'm guessing though after a couple more months of this type of schedule we will all be ready for a regular consistent schedule once fall arrives.  

Until then, we'll enjoy the longer daylight hours, the warmer temperatures, our work and play, and watching God's fingerprints on the details of life as He stretches all of us in new ways of living out our faith.  

May YOU enjoy the summer whatever it looks like at your house!

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