Saturday, June 23

shades of purple

There's been a lot of battles I've faced over the many years while raising children and I've needed to learn which ones were worthy to pick - or not.     Some I've chosen well as I look back and others probably weren't worth it.  

Here's a recent one.  A daughter and her friend wrote up a bucket list for the summer of 2012.  They are going to see how many things they can cross off their list over the next several weeks.  There's nothing outrageous included on the list, it actually looks quite fun, and it's something they'll be doing together.

This week they tackled the one thing that has been one of those "pick your battles" area through the years with almost grown up kids as it used to be an automatic NO. Perhaps back then it was a sign of rebellion by the kids who were doing it as they needed to make a statement of sorts and perhaps it was because they wanted to wildly color large portions of their hair. So when the girls brought up their hair dyeing idea, it was easy to say YES.

After all the giggling of both girls and those who were helping them, this is a peek at the result:

Yes, a simple strandful of purple hair.  It's actually a pretty shade and can be hidden away when they style their hair for work.  The two girls match, it's fun, and they can move onto something else on their summer bucket list.

Hmmm, and it's made me think about the fact that I've never ever had a bucket list.  Have you?  Maybe I need to stretch my wings a bit and make a summer bucket list, too? Hmmmm.....

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