Saturday, June 2

time to grow

Whew!  After using a lot of time and energy over the past two days, my garden is now completely planted!  Yup, it happens every single time....once my hands are in the dirt, my heart starts smiling again  :-)  To make things a bit more manageable this year there's wider rows between fewer vegetables.  My hope is that by doing so as our household shrinks, we'll actually do a better job of keeping up with all the vegetables that are growing and ready for harvesting.  

Now to finish up the annual flowerbed clean-up and do my flower pot planting.  Looking forward to the days of enjoying a task well done which is done! 

BTW, behind this cute little green pepper plant is the white wire fence which is holding back the garlic plants which are growing like crazy!  Yippeeee!

Enjoy YOUR garden!

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