Wednesday, June 27

turn your face

"There is a wonderful sense of release when we understand that we need never plan for ourselves, never try to twist circumstances so that our wishes shall come to pass.  We have only one thing to do, such a happy, peaceful thing that we can never be glad enough and grateful enough for it.  We have only to commit ourselves and our ways to Him who guides us by the skillfulness of His Hands."
 ~ Amy Carmichael

May your face be turned toward Him and your heart committed to His plans for you!  

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Amanda said...

Love this!

Beth ( said...

HI! I'm visiting from Circle of Moms =-) I think my favorite thing about the contest has been finding other homeschool families and getting to get a peak at their journey!!!

When I see pansies I always think of them with faces in Alice in Wonderland singing =-)

I blog at Living Life Intentionally (currently #27 on the list) and would really like to get into the top 25!!! I would appreciate it so much if you would give me a vote!! Thanks for considering and Happy Homeschooling =-)

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