Monday, June 18

unfavorably mulching

Finally....some rain!  Although I've been trying to water my garden a bit every day, it can't even begin to compare to how well God waters it from the skies.  It's amazing how quickly everything has perked up in the garden and the rows are filling out.  

Except for one spot.  My tomatoes.  Lost the cherry tomato plant first, and my other two regular tomato plants have hardly grown at all.  It was a mystery to me.  So today I stopped at one of the local greenhouses to see if they had any tomato plants left and thankfully they did have some nice sized beautiful plants just waiting for a garden to call home.  As I was chatting with the guy checking me out about my odd tomato dilemma, he asked me if there was anything different added to my garden this year.  Thinking for a moment or two, I remembered that my husband had added some cranberry leaf mulch into it that someone had given him.  Aha!  THAT was my culprit.  Apparently that type of mulch would be very acidic and most likely making my tomato plants unhappy.  So we'll need to mix a good dose of lime into the soil when I replant these new plants into the garden.  

Yup, always learning something new each year I garden!

So how doth your garden grow these days?

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