Wednesday, July 25

be a gold digger

"When we go to services or meetings, let us listen with keen expectation to what our God, who knows exactly what our need is, has prepared for us.  When the pure gold of the word of God is given, it lays a great responsibility on all who listen, lest they lose that precious thing.  We cannot afford to lose one word.

If someone opened a bag of gold coins and poured them out, saying, 'Take what you can', would there be any slackness about picking up these coins?  But the words of God's are more to be desired than gold, yes, than much fine gold." ~ Amy Carmichael

Reading this as we come up to the summer Olympics, I thought about how important it is for Christians to be going for the GOLD.   Could there be anything finer than the gold of God's Word?  Think of how often you've passively read certain passages of Scripture, then suddenly one day you read this passage of Scripture again and it's like there is a bright spotlight on it full of meaning.  You've hit GOLD, my friend!

So in the days ahead as we cheer on our country's athletes at the summer games, remember that I'm cheering you on as well to go for the GOLD!

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LaughingLady said...

I'm always so ashamed when I realize how little value I really place on the Word of God; how little I care about God's statutes and commands, or how unwilling I am to submit to the Word when I don't understand a particular doctrine and/or its purpose. And especially when I think about how important certain other, essentially MEANINGLESS things are to me on a daily basis!

When we really sit down and think about it, our priorities are pretty messed up. I want to be a better "gold digger!"

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