Thursday, July 5

a bouquet of a different kind

Going through my garden for the first big weeding and thinning task, I also ran across another job that needed to be done.  As I held the results in my hands, it looked like a......
BOUQUET!  A very cool artsy bouquet!

I set it on my kitchen table and those who passed by this wonderful unique arrangement were curious about what it was with all it's twists and turns.
The uniqueness was wonderful for the first couple of days. Then the weather became hotter and more humid allowing this wonderful greenery to become more scented.  Soon noses were wrinkling with exclamations of, "WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!?!?"
Garlic, of course.  I heart garlic!  I heart the scent of garlic wafting through the air!  

This unique bouquet was made up of the seed shoots coming up from my garlic plants.  They need to be cut off in order for all the growth of the plant to go down into forming the nice big bulbs of garlic.  

And yes, I succumbed to the complaints of my household and moved my bouquet out onto the deck.  It's an easy way to keep my reading area quiet....

May your garden bring you unexpected delights, too!

Tammy ~@~


Suzanne said...

It's beautiful! I love free, unique bouquets made with the unexpedted.

mom said...

Me, too, Suzanne!

Tammy ~@~

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