Monday, July 30

come together

The badminton net is now quiet.

It's been kept busy for a few days as one of many activities around our household with our family gathering to celebrate the safe return of a son from overseas.  His visit was enhanced by getting off the plane as newly engaged and bringing along his sweet fiance for her first visit here.  Around our kitchen table there's been a mixture of serious conversations, memory recapturing, laughter, bug zapping, and plenty of food.  Creative minds put together t-shirts for the weekend and late night swims with glowing balloons became a habit.   Did I mention the lack of sleep that typically happens when all my family comes together?  

Ahhhh, but I am oh so thankful that we are able to all come together as those times become more rare as they grow up and leave home.  

All moments that a mom treasures in her heart long after they leave for their own homes.  Sure do love those kids.......and pray for them daily!

Hope your summer is being filled with memory making moments!

Tammy ~@~

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The Prude said...

Your cup truly overflows. And what a perfect photo to accompany this joyful post!

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