Wednesday, July 4

the cost of free

Recently reading some history about our country's journey to the Declaration of Independence brought much solemness to my heart.  Our freedom wasn't free.  It came at great sacrifice to those who believed in it with the signers of this important document putting their lives at great risk and peril.  

There were no parades, cookouts, or celebrations on July 4, 1776.  Fireworks, yes, as our country fought many military battles following that date to fully obtain our freedom.  Our country did not truly experience freedom until the British signed the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783, recognizing the freedom of the United States with the last of the British troops leaving our land in November of that year. And once again that freedom wasn't free as many men lost their lives through those years as they fought hard and lived sacrificially for what they believed in.

It humbles me when I consider our history, the sacrifice, our freedom. 

May there be a quiet solemn moment in your day to reflect on the cost of freedom in our country and to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the ultimate sacrifice for our gift of freedom through the cross of Jesus Christ.  

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