Saturday, July 21

running with family

It seems that we've been raising a family of runners.  Didn't really realize it until recently.  

When the older ones were little, they were the fastest ones on the AWANA game circle.  They could sprint like crazy! As I think of those children who are adults now, I realized that they are still runners although distance running is their thing to do.  

The younger ones who are runners have more of an opportunity than their older siblings because we live in a time and place where races abound.  They love the challenge that comes with running and are highly competitive.  

With so many family runners, we've even come up with our own family 5K complete with shirts and prizes.  
And they're off!

We call it the Easter Run since the very first run was held on an Easter weekend, but  we've since adjusted it as needed. It's more fun when there's more family home wanting to race even if we have to change the location, date, and distance.  I was relieved when they offered two options this year - a 5K and a 10K.  Whew!

Where'd they get this urge to run from?  Who knows? Neither my husband or myself are runners.  Over the last few years I've turned into a walker and slowly am adding a little running, but I doubt if I will ever run an entire race. Too hard for a mom of many to run with the bladder issues that come from being a mom of many.  Yikes!

Today a few of our family did a 5K race for a local charity. Temperatures were perfect and I shaved a few minutes off of my fastest time to date.  
They even had a face painting booth for kids and wonderful refreshments after the race.  One daughter missed taking third place for her age division by three seconds!  It'll make her work a little bit harder for the other races in our area in the weeks ahead.  

Think about you have an activity that your whole family enjoys doing together?

Okay, time for me to surf the web to find some relief for running with bunions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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