Friday, August 24

end of summer sale

This is what has kept me busy all week.  

Back in May when a son returned home after his second year of college, he stated that at the end of summer he and his brother wanted to clean out their bedroom (and the house) to have a garage sale since they both would be leaving for college in the fall.  

Guess what time it is?  The end of the summer.  

This week has been busy preparing for the garage sale as the boys have gone through things of their youth to sell. Everyone else has been busy going through things, too, as we clean a bit more out of a house that is shrinking in numbers.  

Life is moving on.  The last of our sons will be leaving for college.  After next weekend we'll be down to three daughters living here.  That's going to feel quite different. Three girls. No boys.  A mom.  A dad.  I hope the dad survives the surge of hormones AND all the jobs that will now fall upon him since the sons are gone.  

But I'll think about all that once fall arrives.

Until then, we have a garage sale that needs tending to yet tomorrow, then taking it down and packing up the leftovers which will go here, there, and the other places.  A busy week will follow of more packing, quilting, canning, and good-byes.  The end of summer and no time to ponder. Sometimes that is easier on a mother's heart.....

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