Wednesday, August 29

thankfully cheery

"Thankfulness is the best preparation for faith.  Trust grows spontaneously in the praiseful heart. Thankfulness takes the sunny side of the street and looks at the bright side of God, and it is only thus that we can ever trust Him.  Unbelief looks at our troubles and, of course, they seem like mountains, and faith is discouraged by the prospect.  A thankful disposition will always find some cause for cheer, and a gloomy one will find a cloud in the brightest sky and a fly in the sweetest ointment.  Let us cultivate a spirit of cheerfulness, and we shall find so much in God and in our lives to encourage us that we shall have no room for doubt or fear."  ~ A.B. Simpson

Thankfulness and cheerfulness do often go hand in hand.  As the summer gets close to finishing out, let us end it with a spirit of cheerfulness.  And in honor of cheerfulness, a patch of cosmos in my garden seems appropriate.  They are sunny, cheerful flowers that make me smile even in the shade.

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