Friday, September 14

charting the year

It's officially a welcome back to school kind of day here. Slightly delayed due to our busy schedule from summer which lingered into September.

This is probably the latest I've ever completed them for a new school year, but the school charts for my three students are finally done.  Fortunately we've been homeschooling for so long that my kids know the routine.  They had their books and could start working without much guidance. There's always around a certain number of pages that need to be done in certain subjects and the extra activities, quizzes, and tests correspond with the pages.  The high school level is already set up through the DVD program so it's only a matter of writing out the lessons for our new school calendar year.  

Today we'll find out how close they were in guessing what to do without their charts as we begin our schedule of checking school work on Fridays.  Of course the thing I'm most excited about is getting back into our routine of giving spelling tests on Fridays which means my baskets of ironing will begin getting caught up a bit.  Bonus!

Off to get busy correcting!

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Amanda said...

Have a great year!

mom said...

Thanks, Amanda! You, too!

Tammy ~@~

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