Friday, September 28

you say I say


My kitchen has been busy the last couple of weeks as pounds and pounds of tomatoes have been canned.  There's plenty of plain tomatoes on the shelves of the food pantry ready for chili or hot dishes.  And there should be plenty of salsa ready for the weeks ahead although that stuff tends to disappear in no time.  

Next up for processing will require pulling all the carrots and beets to peel, slice, and can.  Not together mind you. Carrots.  Pickled beets.  

Before that though we need to dig the potatoes up, pull the pumpkins off the vines since they've been frosted, eat up some of the kohlrabi, and see if we can save some of our flower seeds.

It'll feel mighty wonderful to wrap up the garden work for this year and turn back indoors to all the things left undone for the past few months.....

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