Friday, October 26

the path of orange

My life is full of good intentions.  Unfortunately my life is also full.  Sometimes these two things collide.  Like when my son needed a new quilt to take with him to college.  I knew about it all summer long, but as the summer was about to end and school was about to begin the good intentions and full life collided once again. 
Off we went to pick out the fabrics he wanted throwing away all my graph paper designs and going with simple and basic which translated into quick.
The blocks were cut, laid out several times, and finally sewed together.
The design worked perfectly, but once on the quilt frames he said, "Too thin!  I want warm and fluffy!"  So we added another layer of quilt batting which bulked it up a bit.  He loved it :-)
It didn't take long to tie it with orange and blue yarn.  Off the quilt frames it came as I settled into my chair to hand sew the hem and pray for him with each stitch as he was about to fly away from the home nest to a new setting as he stretched into his future as a young adult.
He loved the end result and this quilt is now settled on his dorm bed.   

Simple.  Quick.  Sewn with love by mom.

Can I encourage you to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival of Fall 2012?  Amy hosts this event twice a year and there are TONS of amazing creatively sewn quilts that are entered into the festival.  I'm always very inspired as I quilt hop, but of course, continue to have the problem of good quilt intentions colliding with a life that is overflowingly full.  Someday, right?

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Friday, October 19

spider hedging

The girls and I were immediately drawn to an unusual barrel in the midst of the produce department of the grocery store. What made it more intriguing was that there was a sign on it saying "DO NOT EAT!"  What?  Why was it by all kinds of good healthy things to eat?  

As we were picking these up and looking them over, one of the produce workers walked by us and overheard our conversation. He stopped to tell us that these odd looking green balls were actually called hedge balls and they were suppose to help keep spiders out of the rooms of your home.  That was news that delighted all of us, so we thought that for a dollar we'd take one of these new discoveries home with us and test it out.  

When I got home, I looked "hedge balls" up on the internet and, of course, there was nothing new about these interesting odd looking things.  They've been around for a LONG time and are also commonly called hedge apples.  They are rather mythical things grown on trees in various locations and their claim to fame is that they are thought to be a repellant to a large variety of insects. However, I could find no real proven data of the validity of the claim.

Always enjoying a good challenge, we knew we'd have to test our hedge ball to see *if* it would work and had the perfect room to test it in - our main bathroom.  That room is known for its spider habitation during the fall season and someone is always hollering for me to come and get the spider out of the shower or away from the sink or down off the wall.  

And, after a couple of weeks of testing I have to say that I don't recall one single spider in that room.  Of course, there's been some other bugs who don't seem bothered by the hedge ball, but spiders have apparently maintained their distance. We all think that is a VERY good thing.

I have no idea how long they last and we should probably tuck our hedge ball away in a drawer when company comes as it is getting a little creepier looking, but it has been a fun experiment and a peek into some of the unusual things God has created!

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Wednesday, October 17

what do you really want?

"Don't love the world's ways.  Don't love the world's goods.  Love of the world squeezes out love for the Father. Practically everything that goes on in the world—wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear important—has nothing to do with the Father.  It just isolates you from him.  The world and all its wanting, wanting, wanting is on the way out—but whoever does what God wants is set for eternity." ~ First John 2:15-17

You often hear the phrase "follow your heart", but making that choice can also mean following your heart down the path of the world's ways.  That will only pull you further away from your Heavenly Father. 

Follow your the Father!  For there you will find all your "wants" met!

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Friday, October 12

watch the clinging

"That man has a will other than God's is not sin.  It is when he clings to his own will when it is seen to be contrary to the will of the Creator that sin occurs." ~ Andrew Murray

This is a simple thought.  Funny though, I've always thought of man's will as a negative thing.  However, free will is not necessarily a negative.  We make a multitude of decisions daily within that free will that we have that are actually healthy positive choices.

It is when those decisions are directly contrary to what God's Word says that we get into trouble.  Those moments when we happen to think we know better than God as we make a choice in what we do or say or think. And boy, oh boy, are we ever good at justifying those choices.

Listen to the Holy Spirit as He whispers to your heart.  Cling to Him. Follow His will and find out how delightful and freeing that can be!

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Wednesday, October 10

a fixed heart

"Believer, the Lord, who knows you and your surroundings, has need of you, and has chosen you to be His representative in the circle which you move.  Fix your heart on this.  He has fixed His heart on you and saved you, in order that you should bear and exhibit to those who surround you the very image of His unseen glory." ~ Andrew Murray

This is such a good reminder for everyone who knows and loves the Lord!  It's an especially good reminder for stay-at-home moms who feel like the circle they move in is often quite small and not very significant.  Let me tell you that it is perhaps the most important circle you can EVER move in since it affects future generations.   

Of course, as moms, we often stumble and fall and feel we don't bear and exhibit the very image of His unseen glory very  But truly, He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. He is right there with you and will pick you back up again.  He saved you and fixed His heart on you.  

Fix your heart on Him!  Impact your circle!

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Tuesday, October 9

nominating time

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

Yippee!  It's the 8th Annual Homeschool Blogs Award time again!  This is a fun opportunity to nominate all your favorite homeschool blogs in 20 different categories.  Voting will take place in November. 

Head over to the information page now and begin nominating!  
8th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards

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Saturday, October 6

snow ending

This is what we woke up to this morning as we entered a full day ahead of soccer tournaments.  Snow on the ground and a degree above freezing.  
Unfortunately this daughter's team didn't fare very well in the cold windy games and at this point she's looking back at a her last season of playing soccer in the youth league. 
Fortunately this daughter cheering on her team in the snow (see those white spots and streaks!) has done well - she even scored a couple goals! - and we go back in an hour to watch her play in a championship game.

In the meantime we're all defrosting and warming up until then!

Enjoy your weekend with or without snow!

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Friday, October 5

picturing the past

There are always so many links posted on Facebook and for the most part I don't click on them.  There's only so much time I can spend online, so I tend to be quite selective in which ones I take the time to read.  However, yesterday I did have a little extra time, did click on the article, did spend most of the time reading the article with tears running down my face.  

Allison Tate, a mom of four children, wrote a wonderful article entitled The Mom Stays in the Picture. I could have written most of the article myself.  As moms we are totally immersed in the lives of our children, yet invisible in the records of their lives.  We love, serve, and sacrifice for them from sun-up to sun-down and even throughout the hours of the night.  Our hearts are to nurture and care for the details of their lives.  We stand behind our cameras photographing all those details stored in photo album after photo album (which is all digital these days) and yet, you won't see us in any of those memories.  

As a mom of many who has spent most of my married life either pregnant or nursing a baby with a houseful of children to care for, it was easy to see my children as beautiful.  But one look in the mirror revealed a tired mom who was carrying extra weight with hair always in a ponytail to keep it out of the hands of babies and toddlers.  Certainly didn't want my children embarrassed someday when they looked back at pictures of who mom was.  

Yet as I've grown in my walk with the Lord through the years and realizing the depth of His love for me, I've found that what the world calls beautiful is often something that is quite shallow, perhaps sinful, and primarily lacking in character. True beauty is deep within and shown in the eyes and smile and conversation of each person I meet.  My heart isn't looking at the outside of a person at all, but desiring to connect on the inside seeking that individual's beauty.  

Coming to those realizations has been empowering.  It has given me a confidence that isn't about me at all, but about who I am in Jesus Christ.  Combine that with the reality of knowing how quickly kids do grow up, you will find me in more pictures with my children these days, like this one taken last weekend:
Can I encourage you if you are a young mom - or even an older mom! - to read the  link above and get into pictures with your children?  Smile from your heart!  Those pictures will be a treasure someday and a connection of your children's hearts to yours.  

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Thursday, October 4

peaceful in chaos

"Don't mistake predictability for peace: some of life's most important moments are born of chaos." ~ Terri Trespicio

Reading this yesterday actually gave me some peace.  Life for me has been anything but predictable over the last month.  In fact, chaos would be more close to the truth. There is no doubt that this is a defining moment in the life of our family as I've been steadily pondering pondering pondering before the Lord.  

Wise counsel was given to me in the midst of chaos.  Seek God's peace for your life because HE will protect and guard your heart and mind on the battlefield.

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." ~ Philippians 4:7 

That kind of peace truly is something the world cannot offer me.  That kind of peace doesn't even come with predictability as it only comes from God whether life is calm or bumpy.  That kind of peace allows you to sleep at night and work at day.  That kind of peace comes even in the midst of tears knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me.  That kind of peace will still be with me after this important moment born of chaos passes by and moves on.

And knowing that peace makes me very thankful on this day!

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Monday, October 1

waiting in October

Honestly, I have no idea where September went as it was obviously flying by in the midst of busyness, but here we are......OCTOBER!

And the Scripture verse is perfect for my life right now - "The LORD is good to those who wait for him...." Lamentations 3:25  Of course, I think the rest of this verse is also very important - " the soul who seeks him."

To me, the verse has to go together.  You can wait a LONG time on the Lord, but it seems that waiting would be meaningless without seeking Him at the same time.  It is while you are seeking Him and waiting on Him that you can see His fingerprints upon your life revealing His goodness. That goodness reveals His faithfulness allowing you to trust Him while you continue to seek and wait.  

Make sense?

It's a principle that will give me encouragement each day in the month ahead and I hope it will encourage you, too!

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