Wednesday, October 10

a fixed heart

"Believer, the Lord, who knows you and your surroundings, has need of you, and has chosen you to be His representative in the circle which you move.  Fix your heart on this.  He has fixed His heart on you and saved you, in order that you should bear and exhibit to those who surround you the very image of His unseen glory." ~ Andrew Murray

This is such a good reminder for everyone who knows and loves the Lord!  It's an especially good reminder for stay-at-home moms who feel like the circle they move in is often quite small and not very significant.  Let me tell you that it is perhaps the most important circle you can EVER move in since it affects future generations.   

Of course, as moms, we often stumble and fall and feel we don't bear and exhibit the very image of His unseen glory very  But truly, He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. He is right there with you and will pick you back up again.  He saved you and fixed His heart on you.  

Fix your heart on Him!  Impact your circle!

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