Friday, October 5

picturing the past

There are always so many links posted on Facebook and for the most part I don't click on them.  There's only so much time I can spend online, so I tend to be quite selective in which ones I take the time to read.  However, yesterday I did have a little extra time, did click on the article, did spend most of the time reading the article with tears running down my face.  

Allison Tate, a mom of four children, wrote a wonderful article entitled The Mom Stays in the Picture. I could have written most of the article myself.  As moms we are totally immersed in the lives of our children, yet invisible in the records of their lives.  We love, serve, and sacrifice for them from sun-up to sun-down and even throughout the hours of the night.  Our hearts are to nurture and care for the details of their lives.  We stand behind our cameras photographing all those details stored in photo album after photo album (which is all digital these days) and yet, you won't see us in any of those memories.  

As a mom of many who has spent most of my married life either pregnant or nursing a baby with a houseful of children to care for, it was easy to see my children as beautiful.  But one look in the mirror revealed a tired mom who was carrying extra weight with hair always in a ponytail to keep it out of the hands of babies and toddlers.  Certainly didn't want my children embarrassed someday when they looked back at pictures of who mom was.  

Yet as I've grown in my walk with the Lord through the years and realizing the depth of His love for me, I've found that what the world calls beautiful is often something that is quite shallow, perhaps sinful, and primarily lacking in character. True beauty is deep within and shown in the eyes and smile and conversation of each person I meet.  My heart isn't looking at the outside of a person at all, but desiring to connect on the inside seeking that individual's beauty.  

Coming to those realizations has been empowering.  It has given me a confidence that isn't about me at all, but about who I am in Jesus Christ.  Combine that with the reality of knowing how quickly kids do grow up, you will find me in more pictures with my children these days, like this one taken last weekend:
Can I encourage you if you are a young mom - or even an older mom! - to read the  link above and get into pictures with your children?  Smile from your heart!  Those pictures will be a treasure someday and a connection of your children's hearts to yours.  

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Mama said...

I love this picture -- you and your daughter are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the post and for your kind words. I love what you wrote.

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