Friday, October 19

spider hedging

The girls and I were immediately drawn to an unusual barrel in the midst of the produce department of the grocery store. What made it more intriguing was that there was a sign on it saying "DO NOT EAT!"  What?  Why was it by all kinds of good healthy things to eat?  

As we were picking these up and looking them over, one of the produce workers walked by us and overheard our conversation. He stopped to tell us that these odd looking green balls were actually called hedge balls and they were suppose to help keep spiders out of the rooms of your home.  That was news that delighted all of us, so we thought that for a dollar we'd take one of these new discoveries home with us and test it out.  

When I got home, I looked "hedge balls" up on the internet and, of course, there was nothing new about these interesting odd looking things.  They've been around for a LONG time and are also commonly called hedge apples.  They are rather mythical things grown on trees in various locations and their claim to fame is that they are thought to be a repellant to a large variety of insects. However, I could find no real proven data of the validity of the claim.

Always enjoying a good challenge, we knew we'd have to test our hedge ball to see *if* it would work and had the perfect room to test it in - our main bathroom.  That room is known for its spider habitation during the fall season and someone is always hollering for me to come and get the spider out of the shower or away from the sink or down off the wall.  

And, after a couple of weeks of testing I have to say that I don't recall one single spider in that room.  Of course, there's been some other bugs who don't seem bothered by the hedge ball, but spiders have apparently maintained their distance. We all think that is a VERY good thing.

I have no idea how long they last and we should probably tuck our hedge ball away in a drawer when company comes as it is getting a little creepier looking, but it has been a fun experiment and a peek into some of the unusual things God has created!

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Jennifer Stovall said...

That's amazing! If you did leave it out when company came over, it would probably make an interesting conversation starter :)

Amanda said...

My kids love to play with hedge apples. They invented a bowling game. One of our lessons last week included measuring a hedge apple, and eventually, we'll probably do some geometry and figure the circumference and whatnot. I didn't know they were supposed to repel spiders though!

mom said...

Definitely a conversation starter, Jennifer!

How interesting that you have these around, Amanda, but had never heard about their special insect repellent abilities! You'll have to try them in your house and see if they work!

Tammy ~@~

LaughingLady said...

Hmmm, I'd totally learn how to take care of a plant that grows those things ~ I need a steady supply for the basement!!

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