Friday, October 26

the path of orange

My life is full of good intentions.  Unfortunately my life is also full.  Sometimes these two things collide.  Like when my son needed a new quilt to take with him to college.  I knew about it all summer long, but as the summer was about to end and school was about to begin the good intentions and full life collided once again. 
Off we went to pick out the fabrics he wanted throwing away all my graph paper designs and going with simple and basic which translated into quick.
The blocks were cut, laid out several times, and finally sewed together.
The design worked perfectly, but once on the quilt frames he said, "Too thin!  I want warm and fluffy!"  So we added another layer of quilt batting which bulked it up a bit.  He loved it :-)
It didn't take long to tie it with orange and blue yarn.  Off the quilt frames it came as I settled into my chair to hand sew the hem and pray for him with each stitch as he was about to fly away from the home nest to a new setting as he stretched into his future as a young adult.
He loved the end result and this quilt is now settled on his dorm bed.   

Simple.  Quick.  Sewn with love by mom.

Can I encourage you to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival of Fall 2012?  Amy hosts this event twice a year and there are TONS of amazing creatively sewn quilts that are entered into the festival.  I'm always very inspired as I quilt hop, but of course, continue to have the problem of good quilt intentions colliding with a life that is overflowingly full.  Someday, right?

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LaughingLady said...

Beautiful job! I LOVE the colours, too ~ it's my favourite combination!! (your son has very good taste!)

Lisa said...

Beautifully done! Nice that he was able to help with the design as well and hopefully he will think to call or text Mom whenever he sees the quilt. ;)

CitricSugar said...

That's an awesome story! Definitely a man-friendly quilt. Love it.

Anonymous said...

A quilt of good intentions! Love how you just picked up the color choices and went with it, the resulting quilt is a really nice quilt!! Love the idea of a 2nd batting in the middle too. Fantastic quilt!

Sunshine Girl said...

Oh its lovely - I Love the colours you have chosen. Thanks for sharing. #263

Michelle said...

I love your quilt and the story behind it. Thanks so much for sharing!! I can't think of anything better than making quilts for our kids ;-) Dare I ask about the color choice...they sure look like Florida Gator colors to this Georgia girl ;-) ;-)

Rene' said...

Great quilt for your son's dorm bed. I'm sure he is happy to have a reminder of home.

Karen said...

Great quilt design and so colourful. Isn't it great when your children want one of your quilts and are happy to help choose colours? Lovely.

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