Monday, October 1

waiting in October

Honestly, I have no idea where September went as it was obviously flying by in the midst of busyness, but here we are......OCTOBER!

And the Scripture verse is perfect for my life right now - "The LORD is good to those who wait for him...." Lamentations 3:25  Of course, I think the rest of this verse is also very important - " the soul who seeks him."

To me, the verse has to go together.  You can wait a LONG time on the Lord, but it seems that waiting would be meaningless without seeking Him at the same time.  It is while you are seeking Him and waiting on Him that you can see His fingerprints upon your life revealing His goodness. That goodness reveals His faithfulness allowing you to trust Him while you continue to seek and wait.  

Make sense?

It's a principle that will give me encouragement each day in the month ahead and I hope it will encourage you, too!

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Amanda said...

Love this!

LaughingLady said...

I guess that's why it always seems when I'm struggling through something that I find my time with God the sweetest. Because that's when I crave Him most.

Thanks for this!

(and yeah, I can't believe it's October already either!!)

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