Friday, October 12

watch the clinging

"That man has a will other than God's is not sin.  It is when he clings to his own will when it is seen to be contrary to the will of the Creator that sin occurs." ~ Andrew Murray

This is a simple thought.  Funny though, I've always thought of man's will as a negative thing.  However, free will is not necessarily a negative.  We make a multitude of decisions daily within that free will that we have that are actually healthy positive choices.

It is when those decisions are directly contrary to what God's Word says that we get into trouble.  Those moments when we happen to think we know better than God as we make a choice in what we do or say or think. And boy, oh boy, are we ever good at justifying those choices.

Listen to the Holy Spirit as He whispers to your heart.  Cling to Him. Follow His will and find out how delightful and freeing that can be!

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