Tuesday, November 13


"It is extraordinary how we debate!  We know a thing is right, but we try to find excuses for not doing it at once. To climb to the height God shows can never be done presently, it must be done now.  The sacrifice is gone through in will before it is performed actually."  ~ Oswald Chambers

Reading this reminded me of a conversation I recently had as we talked about how believers don't seem to be living very victoriously these days.  In fact, it's hard to spot them since they seem to look, act, speak or think much like the world around them.  

I think that perhaps it does come down to the quote above by Chambers.  God has a plan for our lives to mold us and shape us into who HE wants us to become, but it requires living in a way that may be different than we want to be living.  We know what the right thing is to do and perhaps hear God whispering to our hearts, but choose not to follow in obedience as we debate with him all the reasons we should not climb to where He is leading.  Is it fear?  Is it pride?  Is it selfishness?  Each person has to ask those questions of themselves.

It comes down to choosing to follow Him obediently no matter how difficult NOW for that is the bigger sacrifice than actually living it out.  Because all those questions will get answered as you live it out...no need to fear because you'll find God is with you, humble feels much better in your soul than pridefulness, and joy comes from living unselfishly.  

Is God challenging you right now?  Don't debate.  CLIMB up!

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Laura said...

Good Morning!

Your post just spoke to my heart this morning...it is always much easier to "put off" what God is instructing us to do...to make excuses...but, oh, the peace we find when we are obedient!

Sweet blessings,

mom said...

A good point, Laura. We don't have much peace during those times when we are debating with God, do we? The peace that comes from God is certainly worth living obediently!

Tammy ~@~

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