Thursday, November 8

Homeschool Blog Voting Time!

Yippee!  Just found out that I was nominated in the 2012 Homeschool Blog Awards for the "Best Encourager Blog"! Ohhhh, there's lots of good very active bloggers once again nominated that my chances are slim to none, but what a blessing to be nominated by those who are faithful regular readers of Garden Glimpses.  This seems to be a blog that I hear more from my readers via email than by comments.  It has allowed me to enjoy some dear friendships from those who live around the country.  

So do go and vote!  The rules have changed this year allowing you to vote ONCE A DAY.  After clicking the dot next to GARDEN GLIMPSES in the Best Encourager Blog category, please check out the other categories and nominees as there are a lot of amazing homeschoolers writing about their experiences and giving lots of educational tips, curriculum ideas, and creative how to's from cooking to everyday life to field trips.

What are you waiting for?  GO VOTE (and thank you!):

Tammy ~@~

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