Friday, November 23


It's been a long long time since we've had such a beautiful weather-wise Thanksgiving.  Sunny, temps in the upper 50's, glorious!  The menfolk were busy splitting and stacking firewood.  The womenfolk spent time outdoors biking, walking, running.  It felt ohhh sooo good to be outdoors after the many cooler gray days of November.  

As I walked along the trail way behind the bikers, I recited my list of thanks.  One item rabbit trailed to another item which rabbit trailed to another item.  Although the sunshine was warming the outside of me, a new warmth inside of me was found as I counted my blessings one by one surprised that there could be so many after a season of challenges.   

Having been refreshed inside and out, one of our smallest gatherings of family in a long long time of Thanksgivings joined together for a delicious meal followed by plenty of pie.  We all went to bed content after a good day.

What a surprise to wake up to snow falling, wind blowing, temperatures dropping into the 20's!  A complete change of weather making the house ohhh sooo chilly.  Funny how quickly contentment can change.  How thankfulness can be a little harder to grasp until you throw another log on the fire waiting for the warmth to come.  

In my devotional this morning on the continuing theme of "waiting", I had to smile with this sentence:

"We must ask and expect, that God will do unlooked-for things." ~ Andrew Murray

Unlooked-for things.  Like going from gorgeous warm weather one day to snowy blowy cold weather the next day.  

Unlooked-for things.  Like how God answers our prayers not in the way we expect or hope, but often in ways we could never anticipate.  

What will be our response?  Contentment as we completely trust His plan while thanking Him?  Or struggling with grasping thankfulness until we can "warm up" to what He may be doing?

May your heart be thankful for all the looked-for and unlooked-for things that are on your garden path today!

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Suzanne said...

Your posts are beautiful - thank you!

mom said...

Thanks, Suzanne! You blessed my day :-)

Tammy ~@~

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