Wednesday, December 5

get off the mountain

Here's a quote from yesterday:

“It is possible to work so hard for God that we forget about communion with him. Mountains of work and crumbs of intimacy generate dangerous imbalance. We can be very active yet totally ineffective. Our effectiveness has everything to do with balance, joining activity with intimacy, serving God and communion with God.” 
~ Jose Luis Navarro

We are living in a culture of work and achievement which take precious amounts of time. Abundant amounts of time. We need to get off that mountain and realize that crumbs won't sustain us.  Time spent with God is never wasted.  Through time spent with Him comes more clarity in purpose and you may find that you are working on a mountain that is a total waste of time since He has a different plan in mind.  

Stop moving.  

Start connecting with God.

Be effective in your moving.

It's simple!

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

Achievement is such a huge priority in our culture, eh? This is a great quote.

mom said...

Yup, we are encouraged to do better and more. Not that I have a problem with a good work ethic, but when it comes to matters of faith it better be balanced with time spent connecting with our Heavenly Father.

Tammy ~@~

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