Wednesday, December 26

still preparing....

Some Christmases are different than others.

Like this year.

My husband traveled to pick up one college son on the Wednesday before Christmas.  The other college son drove home that evening.  Both college sons weren't feeling well having come down with nasty colds.  That same Wednesday evening my husband said that he suddenly wasn't feeling well at all and ended up spending the next few days totally down and out in bed with what appears to have been the flu. Those three passed it on to two daughters.

That left me and little diddle to take care of the regular household duties AND  take care of those who were sick AND prepare for Christmas.  

Which means the house is a disaster, the family is slowly getting better,  and I'm still preparing for Christmas.  

No problem since our main Christmas wasn't yesterday, but is coming up over the New Year weekend when all our family comes home.  There'll be 21 people squished into this house for a few days.  Unless sickness throws that off, too  :::sigh:::  

Since I wasn't able to get out shopping much and there really is limited shopping here and thanks to a friend who blessed me with an idea that came in the mail, I decided to use what I had on hand to make ornaments for the kids still at home.  I did a quick quilting, then hand stitched their names and the year on the back.  The result is above.

Right now I'm working on finishing up some other handmade gifts for each "big" member of the family.  I'm realizing that this project was really one of those "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" kind of things because it's been incredibly much more time consuming than anticipated. Plus it has to be done so secretly to prevent those living here from knowing what I'm doing.  A real challenge.  I'll post pictures next week after these presents have been opened....that is, *IF* they get finished!

Hope your post-Christmas is not a working one like mine, that everyone in your household is healthy, and that you can enjoy every moment of celebrating the true reason for the season - JESUS!

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LaughingLady said...

Ugh, I hear ya. We ended up having to take our youngest to the hospital on Christmas morning while away in The Big City! (nothing major ~ just an ear infection ~ but since no dr's offices are open, the hospital was the only option) Since last weekend at least one or two of us has been battling a stubborn cold/flu and I thought somehow I'd miraculously escape unscathed, but today has me wondering if my turn as arrived after all! :(

Ah well, what's Christmas without chaos?? :) Hope you're all well enough to enjoy spending the weekend together! Merry Christmas!!

mom said...

Awww, sorry to hear you've been dealing with health stuff, too. Get well soon! It continues with our family as well. Still not sure who will be coming and who won't for the weekend ahead :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

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