Saturday, December 22

the difference in a day

From this morning's reading:

"George Müller said that he learned not to stop reading the Word each day until he felt happy in God.  Then he felt prepared to go out and do his day's work."      
~ Andrew Murray

Wow!  How would that concept work in the schedules of today's world where a minimal ten or fifteen minutes is penciled in daily for a devotional time?  IF that much?  Life starts quickly in the morning and sometimes even that short time gets bumped down.

Imagine *IF* we got up early and each morning read the Bible until we felt happy in God.  May mean getting up earlier.  May mean lingering longer.  May mean breakfast is not served on time.  

Imagine the difference it would make in your day's work *IF* you did that each day.

Thinking about it right now with Christmas racing to the forefront in our homes, imagine the difference it could make in all of our holiday celebrations *IF* God's Word held such a priority each morning.  

Definitely something to consider with the new year upon us as perhaps the one resolution you desire to keep!

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