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the "art" of who we are

Over a year ago, the oldest at home and I began the "what do you want to do after high school" conversation since he was finishing up his last year of homeschooling and really hadn't talked much about the future.  He wasn't quite sure, but was leaning towards going on to school for graphic design.  So, I encouraged him to talk to some people who were in that field and see what was available for college options.  

While he was doing that over the weeks, we'd find different wallpaper on our main computer desktop as he enjoyed playing around with design.  

A decision was made, a transcript to that point was completed, a college application was sent in, a college application was accepted.  

In June we traveled to the freshman orientation session and I was pleased to find out that there were sessions for incoming students to attend that were specific to their major area.  The course of study for freshmen wasn't strictly generals, but did offer a couple courses each semester in their chosen major and what fun it was to get a taste of what some of that would look like for graphic designers as they went through the four year program.  There was no doubt it would suit him well since so much of it was computer generated which is what he enjoyed doing.

Then we got his proposed schedule of first semester classes and my heart fluttered a bit.  A large bit.

For you see, early in our homeschooling years we did do "art".  We were blessed to have a local artist offer classes to homeschooling students and she taught them drawing, painting, and sculpting.  It was WONDERFUL!  But as with all things, after a few years she no longer continued that program and my kids went pretty much art-free from that point on.  So, looking at his schedule with a drawing class made me a bit concerned since he had never formally taken any art (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.).  In fact, most of his early college years would NOT include computer "art", but hands-on art.  Oh dear. 

My heart continued its mothering fluttering as he struggled to adjust during his first semester of freshman year.  Being a son who never really cared much for schooling, my concern was that he would have a hard time figuring out good study habits. The flutters turned into prayer after prayer for him.   And then slowly but steadily he seemed to settle in and we'd see peeks of his art projects or hear about his speech class on our private Facebook family page. 

When he came home at Christmas break, out came his art portfolio.  One by one he pulled the pieces out.  Some charcoal, some line drawings, some painting.  It was amazing!  My heart couldn't even consider fluttering because it felt so overwhelmed with delight!  Not only did he get an A in his art classes, he ended up with a 3.75 GPA for his first semester. God is good!

One of my favorite pieces of his art is a self portait that he did.....
Although it isn't noticeable from a distance, when you look at the picture up close you see the names.  

His self portrait was entirely composed with the names of his family.  Persevering steadfastly diligently lovingly he wrote the names of the members of his family one by one as he shaded in who he was.  

It was a reminder to me of the importance of family.  How our lives are shaped by family through the good, the bad, and even the ugly times.  How God takes all of that to mold us into who He has created us to be combining it with the gifts and talents He has given us.  What an incredible blessing to see this son growing into the purpose and plan that God has for him!  

At the same time, it is the reminder that God gives me with each child that leaves home as young adults.  That His grace is sufficient to cover all of our fumbles, mistakes, and missteps that we have while raising our children.  It is humbling indeed and makes me once again thankful for His faithfulness, His mercy, and most importantly for His love. 

If you are a homeschooling family who'd like some "art" suggestions, check out The Homeschool Post and their January Blog and Tell - Art Edition

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Kimmie said...

Wow that name part blew me away Tammy. Who knew the gift that was waiting to be unearthed. You have done a great job (and you go with the prayers for him!!)

That is really a very encouraging post for all of us who have walked this mothering and homeschooling road.


Lana Wilson said...

That is the coolest ART I have seen in a long time. You did a great job! Thanks for linking up to The Homeschool Post #HSBAT!

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