Monday, February 4

worthy of a winter smile

Sometimes I'm so weak.

Like when the radio station invites people to call in to share the one thing they  are most looking forward to when spring comes. My mind immediately runs away wild with thoughts about my most favorite season of the year which seems so far away right now.  

Like when we have such a long stretch of below zero temperatures night after night which doesn't allow the house to ever feel real warm during the day.  It doesn't seem like a good sign to start getting used to that very cold weather which feels like it may last forever.  Starting the car to warm up for a good ten minutes before you need to leave or automatically wrapping a fleece scarf around your neck as you head out the door or daily putting on your thickest warmest socks or having to fight for the chair by the woodburner with someone else who landed there with a good book in hand.

Yup, sometimes I'm so weak with winter weariness  that I cannot resist buying a fistful of tulips to cheer me up.
Like these in a favorite shade of pink.

They smile in my kitchen window reminding me that spring will come again.  A small glimmer of hope on a very cold winter day.  Thank you, God, for simple blessings!

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Brooke said...

Your tulips gave me a smile reminding me that God is always around even when it is almost too cold to see Him! Thanks for the picture and have a blessed day!

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Brooke! I'm soooo glad God is always around no matter what the weather!

Tammy ~@~

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