Wednesday, March 20

not only is spring failing

Some years there is at least a hint that spring may be coming when the official FIRST DAY OF SPRING arrives.  Not this year. Not at all.  Waking up to below zero temps this morning and acknowledging about a foot and a half of fresh snow that has fallen over the past week makes spring look far far away.  In other words, EPIC FAIL on this year's first day of spring.

Speaking of epic fail events, working part time allows my girls at home to spend free time on the computer, namely Pinterest. They've found all kinds of creative ideas to try, but some results are definitely a lot more funny that others. One of their cabin fever ideas was looking up self-tanning with hopes that something would work to help their pale skin.  My favorite one was soaking in tea bags in the bath tub.  EPIC FAIL.  

Then one day at work I get a picture in my email of their newest attempt at self-tanning using cocoa powder mixed in lotion:
Oh my!  I couldn't stop laughing!  Definitely another EPIC FAIL which fortunately washed off just fine leaving no tan behind.

So just a forewarning not to leave your creative homeschooling children alone at home because you never know what Pinterest idea they will attempt next!

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LaughingLady said...

Haha, OOPS! Totally looks like they just threw on the cocoa powder after putting lotion on!! I'm sure they had a great time though ~ belly-laughter works wonders on the wintertime blues, too!

I actually use cinnamon sometimes as a bronzer. You just have to make sure you actually brush off the little sand-like grains and then you're left with the bronze-coloured dust. Works quite nicely if you have a large brush.

Funny how attached we are to the calendar even though we know our seasons don't go by that, eh? I know better than to expect flowers and greenery, but a few patches of muddy, visible ground would have been nice!!

mom said...

They claim they mixed it well.....bahaha!

Never would have considered cinnamon for make-up. I have recently read that it helps with blood sugar levels, so apparently it's a multi-purpose spice :-)

Yes, even a whisper of spring would feel wonderful about now, but it continues to stay cold and snowy. I'm afraid we'll have a very short spring and launch right into summer this year.

Tammy ~@~

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