Thursday, April 4

beyond patience

My conclusion this morning is that it is not about patience, it is about contentment.  

Waiting for spring to come has felt brutal this year.  We dipped below zero again this week and snow is once again in the forecast.  We get little teases of spring-like weather when the sun comes out and is warm enough to make roofs drip from melting snow.  

Even waiting for the sun with such a cloudy winter feels brutal. After working the past two days and looking at sunshine out my window, I could hardly wait for today's forecast of sun now that I'm home for the day.  And yet, here we are with clouds a plenty.  There are little tiny peeks of blue sky through the hazier clouds signaling the possibility of sunshine.

Prayers that have been cast before the throne of God also seem to be on a lingering, pausing, tarrying pattern.  Knowing how much better it is to wait on God then jump ahead of His plan, even this waiting seems brutal at times.  When I open my eyes and ears a bit more around me, there are hints of things happening that can only be God maneuvering.  

Patience?  Raising nine children has given me much patience.  I can wait in a long line anywhere or stay on the phone on hold forever without a problem.  

Contentment?  That's the pivotal thing to consider. Is my waiting done in a manner that would please God?  Just because I'm not complaining, is a feeling of resignedness okay or a vow of silence instead of murmuring preferable?  Or is my definition of contentment off?

Contentment:  satisfaction, peace of mind (mentally and emotionally), serenity, fulfillment, harmony, tranquility, stability, comfort, happiness

Although I may be doing just fine in the patience department, as I consider the synonyms of contentment, perhaps it's time to ask God to search my heart to reveal the areas I need to change - with His help - to experience a godly contentment. How much more delightful would patience be if there was a true peace of mind and serenity that came with it!  

Looking forward to all the little ways God will show Himself faithful in this area of my life as I clean up another path in my garden life.  

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