Monday, April 29

garden planning time

Such a late arriving spring this year, but it appears that it's here.  Temperatures were in the 60's over the weekend although there is a chance of a rain/snow mix later in the week when the temperatures dip again.  

My garden may still be snow covered, yet the snow is melting quickly at this point.  It was definitely time to grab my seed catalog and the rubbermaid container with all my planting things to begin preparing for a new season ahead of gardening.  

After checking my food storage pantry, one thing that definitely is part of the garden planning process this year is how much to plant.  As our still-living-at-home family has been shrinking, there's a lot fewer people eating and lots of jars of canned goods still on the shelf.  That factor will allow me to plant less produce, put wider spaces between rows, and perhaps add more flowers (can you see me smiling at the "add more flowers" part?!)
My list was made out and seed packets were checked.  It looks like what I need this year is already in my storage container as I've had great success with this company in using seeds leftover from previous years.  Any vegetable plants needed are noted on the list, too, so I will pick those up as soon as they are available.  

Even though actual planting is probably a month away depending on the weather, I'm now excited to soon have my hands back in the dirt playing in my garden!

How about you?  Planning a garden this year?  

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