Wednesday, April 17

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Remember my recent post about 1000 Books Before Kindergarten?  That came up from conversations with my oldest daughter who loves to read to her children.

She and I have also been having more conversations about home schooling as she considers teaching her own children at home.  A second generation homeschooler!  How cool is that?! As I thought about the love of reading they have in their home, I realized I had a perfect resource on my bookshelves for her - the Five in a Row series.  
Five in a Row takes one book a week - often a favorite book you may have read as a child - and incorporates different interactive activities each day that cover different educational subject areas.  The entire series covers ages 2 through 12 years and the materials are so easily adaptable to the range of ages within your home as it teaches them.  Plus, they've added additional resources to this series since I purchased it when my children were young. 

If you are interested in more information about this fun way to learn with your children, check out their website Five in a Row

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