Wednesday, May 29

how to "play"

One of my daughters had a bit of a hold up with finishing her literature book for the year.   She doesn't like it when an editor puts literature into "play" form.  So when she came upon a classic story that was like that, she stopped reading her literature book. 
Not reading your literature book means you won't complete your literature course for the year.  So I suggested that she talk to her younger sister about reading this particular story/play with her.  Each one could pick a few parts to read and before she knew it she'd be done with this long play and could finish reading the rest of the stories in this book.
So one early spring day I found them on the deck reading through this classical story - The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck. They weren't  sitting in the chairs on the deck, but were reading through the rails of the deck and enjoying the sun. 
It wasn't their usual fun reading fare, but instead a rather serious story.  Thought provoking.  Line by line they read together until they were done.
Once again blessed by the flexibility of homeschooling which enables you to complete things in the ways that work best for your matter how unusual it may be at times.

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William Best said...

We've never met, someone I know follows your blog and so I pop in, uninvited but welcomed. :)

But, I have to share that I have been reading Pearl Buck and STRUGGLING. I am a smart, 40-something woman and can't make myself sit and read the book that I asked the library to order in for me. It isn't a hard read except in the way it is structured. But, I want to say I finished this so I push on - and I am enjoying it when I do the WORK.

And, I wanted your daughter to know that. I think I'd like to be entertained rather than forced to think.


mom said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and feeling welcomed! :-)

Your comment will definitely be shared with my daughters. They prefer books that are fun to read, yet I want them to be challenged and introduced to a variety of reading categories.

There is great reward in pushing on and completing any task before us, so congrats!

Tammy ~@~

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