Thursday, May 30

Quilt Festival time!

As a quilter, I simply adore Amy's Quilt Festivals which she holds twice a year - spring and fall.  For five years she's held this event which continues to grow with a variety of quilt categories to choose from as you go "ohhhhhh" and "ahhhhh".

Right now I'm at least two quilts behind as I have two grandsons waiting on a quilt from Grammy.  Then there's my girls who'd like new quilts for their beds.  And what about the couple of quilts I'd like to make from a block sending project I did with a bunch of homeschooling friends?  What about the fabric I picked up seven years ago in Hawaii for a lapquilt?  Oh dear.  Lots of quilts are calling my name, aren't they?

Since I have no quilt to share this time, please go and visit Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival :: Spring 2013 and enjoy the wonderful beauty and creativity of quilts from around the world!

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