Friday, June 21

give us

Using this rainy first day of summer to clean off my big old rolltop desk.  Sooo many scraps of paper with this or that or the other thing jotted on them.  Sharing one with you to ponder on for a bit today:

"Give us, O Lord, steadfast hearts that cannot be dragged down by false loves; give us courageous hearts that cannot be worn down by trouble;  give us righteous hearts that cannot be sidetracked by unholy or unworthy goals.  Give to us, also, our Lord and God, understanding to know you, diligence to look for you, wisdom to recognize you, and a faithfulness that will bring us to see you face to face." ~ Thomas a Kempis

Tammy ~@~


Kimmie said...

Love that quote...I say yes!
Thank you for your encouragement. It really did bless my heart.

Hope all is well in your end of the world and that God is close at hand.


mom said...

As always, soooo good to see you, Kimmie!


Tammy ~@~

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