Saturday, June 1

go forth in peace

Welcome to the sweet month of June!  

The verse for the calendar this month is:  "For you shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace;  the mountains and the hills before you shall burst out in song."  ~ Isaiah 55:12

Actually, this isn't the actual verse on the calendar page as my calendar says...."and be led BACK in peace;..."  When I looked it up in several translations, none of them used the word BACK.  Most of them used the word FORTH and one translations used the word OUT.  

All that to say....this verse is perfect for the month.  It is SPRING here!  There is joy as the greenery around me continues to fill out in the woods.  My lilacs are about to bloom.  The garden is being tilled for the last time so I can begin planting.  Annual flowers have been purchased for planting.  There is joy in my heart with all of these things in this season where God's creation is new and alive.  It easy for me to imagine the mountains and hills bursting out in song. 

For me, it is a season where God's presence is most evident.  After a long season of white and the lack of life outside my window, the newness of spring is such a strong reminder that God is still here, still in control, still moving. And with that comes great peace. Peace which leads me forth knowing He is with me and will never leave me. Peace that knows that no matter what happens in my life or the world around me HE is still in control and nothing surprises Him.  Peace even when it appears nothing is happening in a variety of situations knowing He is always moving things in His perfect timing.  

May you, too, go out in joy, be lead forth in peace, and break out in songs of praise! 

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