Wednesday, June 12

the start of the season

Finally!  The full moon and its frosty nights are over.  The days are warming up with sunshine.  'Tis garden planting season!

My littlest has joined me this week as we've gone through the process of getting the garden ready for planting which entails going around the entire interior of the garden fence to dig out anything that is encroaching from the field or yard.  We then rake out all the tilling furrows to get nice level spots to mark our rows.  

Finally!  The whole garden and my willing assistant are ready.  She knows the routine with the seeds.  She knows the routine with the plants.  And she's also developed a routine with the random spider walking by a row or finding a toad under a clump of leaves.....SCREAM!  Now THAT keeps ME on my toes!

We've only planted about a third of the garden so far, but with the forecast of some pretty great weather for the rest of the week we should be able to complete it.  Then we can work on the flowerbeds which is the next favorite task of myself and my sweet assistant. 

Oh yes, how I love the planting season!


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