Tuesday, July 9

dog daying it

Yup, we've hit the dog days of summer.  Spring was short and jumped right into hotter temps and humidity.  The dog sneaks down to the lake every chance he gets with the kids right behind him.  Even *I* make my way down there which is a definite sign that the summer is heating up.  The fans are running constantly and once again we wish we had air conditioning until we remember that this season is so short for us that it isn't worth it.  

It also seems my time is so short for blog writing as well. It isn't that I can't find anything to write out - trust me, there's plenty! - but the days are so full that by the time I can sit down to write at the end of the day I'm honestly too tired.  

All that to say....hope you're enjoying the busyness of summer as well!

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